Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"........bad people with evil intent"

Wow, I hope that my Georgia readers and others will wander over to Lydia Cornell's blog and check out "Blackwater Takes Taxpayer Money." Lydia reminds us that Obama and Clinton are upcoming guests on Basham and Cornell Radio. Recent guests have included Kucinich and Edwards. Their interviews are available from their archives.

She also threw this in:

"Best selling author John Grisham is finally speaking out. He said the current administration is built around "bad people with evil intent" and contends President Bush played politics as thousands died in Iraq. "

She then includes an article by Corey Flintoff on Blackwater and its GOP and fundamentalist Christian ties.

Great read.......go check it out.


ET said...

I saw a TV segment recently about Black Water. I am jumping with joy that it is leaking into the news media now.

Button Gwinnett said...

Me too, Eddie. It's almost as if the folks in charge aren't too worried about what the public thinks.

Jeb Koogler said...

Hey Button,

I just came across your blog. Looks interesting. Care to exchange links?



Button Gwinnett said...

Hi Jeb,

What an interesting bio! I'll definitely add you on as I'd love to read more of your thoughts on the Middle East.

Larry said...

Thanks for the nice mention of Lydia Cornell's post on Blackwater.