Friday, August 10, 2007

Why wasn't Hillary treated the same as Edwards at HRC?

I came across this from John R. Bohrer at Huffington Post today. At the HRC candidate forum last night, John Edwards was asked about a comment credited to him in Bob Shrum's book No Excuses. The comment Shrum says Edwards made was, "I'm not comfortable around those (gay) people." Edwards denied having ever made the comment.

But according to Bohrer, there's another gay rights tidbit in Shrum's book concerning the husband of another presidential candidate who was also in attendance at the forum. However, Mrs. Don't Ask Don't Tell was given a free pass. I wonder why?

Shrum's book alleges that President Clinton advised Senator John Kerry to support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage during the 2004 election. Clinton's office denies that Clinton ever made this suggestion to John Kerry. But, of course, while president Clinton himself did sign the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). John Aravosis of AmericaBlog does a little investigating suggesting that it would be quite Clinton-esque for him to have advised Kerry to "throw gays under the bus." A charge that a senior spokesman in the Kerry Edwards campaign says is true according to Aravosis.

Considering that President Clinton is Hillary's top political advisor, why wasn't she asked about an allegation made from the very same book that John Edwards was questioned on? After all, this is someone who said last night that she thinks that states should decide questions of marriage.

As Christopher said, that's quite a scary thought that in 2007 we have the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for POTUS copping out by calling gay marriage an issue for individual states. Watching MSNBC last night, it was quite surprising to learn that even conservative talking head Tucker Carlson is more pro gay marriage than Hillary is. Folks, that's even scarier.

How shockingly unprogressive, even for Mrs. Don't Ask Don't Tell? No wonder Rupert Murdoch of Fox News loves her.

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Anonymous said...

While out at a favorite eatery yesterday afternoon, wifey and i heard four guys talking about the forum from HRC. I don't know whether the guys were gay or not, and i dont make assumptions, and its probably not relevant any way.

One thing I did hear while shamelessly eavesdropping (hey, there are few non red-staters up here in this neck of the woods) was that they all felt that Kucinich knocked it out of the park and that Richardson bombed and bombed badly. They were laughing at Richardson.

We also heard Obama's name, but didnt want to keep eavesdropping, because, well, its not right.

I don't really know what we are supposed to do to stop Hillary. I cant get motivated like i did in 2004. I practically lived for John Kerry like it was a part time job, almost a full time job, and it seemed to be to no avail.

If she is nominated, I will almost certainly vote for her, but i am afraid there is such an entrenched, knee jerk hatred of her from the red-state rabble that we will be doomed to 4 more years of divisiveness should she win.

Perhaps Al Gore will come galloping out of the arctic and save us all....