Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My girl? I don't think so

So last night at the AFL-CIO Democratic Candidate Forum, Hillary pounds her fists on her platform and declares, "I'm your girl!"

What an odd occasion for her to choose to make that declarative statement! The AFL-CIO? Mrs. NAFTA telling labor advocates that she's their girl?

The woman whose husband, as president, ushered in possibly the two most destructive pieces of legislation ever to the American middle class, NAFTA and WTO. Even the old goat from Texas told us we'd be hearing a "giant sucking noise" with good American industrial jobs going to sweatshops overseas. On this, he proved to be right.

NAFTA and WTO allowed corporations to, once again, give the middle finger to the heart and soul of its operations - their employees. Big business said these people made too much money and their unions were too difficult to deal with. It would be much easier and cost effective if they sent these jobs to countries where people can be bullied and threatened for a few pennies an hour. We also shouldn't forget another side affect, the substandard goods being sent to us by China. Yes indeed, what an odd time for Mrs. NAFTA to declare she's our girl.

But I also can't forget that this is also the same Hillary that "took on" the drug companies and healthcare industry in 1993 and 1994. You know, her highly public failure that was so costly to the Clinton administration that they clipped her wings, and all but banished her to the White House living quarters until after the 1996 election.

"Our girl" says she's still fighting drug companies and the healthcare industry. Yet, she's taking millions from them in campaign contributions. She says the right things about healthcare. It's just hard to know whether or not she actually means it. After all, when someone is stuffing millions of dollars into your pockets, it's a pretty safe bet that they'll want something in return. So is Hillary really going to be our girl? Or will she be doing the bidding of the many, many corporate donors that have given her such a cushy lead in money and the polls?

So, I'm sorry Mrs. NAFTA, Mrs. Corporate Calendar Girl,'re not my girl. Not now and not in Nov. of 2008. You may have all of this sewn up. But that doesn't mean I have to give you my vote.


Amy Morton said...

Button, I haven't had time to post on the debate yet, but the question from the gentleman who retired on disability, only to have the company go belly-up and he lost one third of his pension and his health insurance. I thought that his story is the perfect example of what's "wrong with America." Edwards did a good job with the question, is part because these are issues he has led on from the beginning.

Button Gwinnett said...

Amy, that man's story broke my heart. He stood there with his leg braces and his cane and the emotion was so evident. The pain of having worked for a company for so long only to have his pension cut and medical benefits taken away from his wife was evident too.

I also thought that Edwards' answer was very good. We should treat CEO's penions the same way that the average Joe's is treated.

Anonymous said...


Good to see you active again. I had thought you were not coming back. Thank the cosmos you are well.

Bird and i watched the debate last night as well. We were both "with" Obama early on but are now undecided. After last night we both are leaning back towards Obama with a strong good feeling for Kucinich.

We are both concerned that Hillary is both a loser in November and will be an interventionist hawk in the mode of Husband Bill. She appears to be trying to conciliate the right. She still doesnt get that they hate and always will, even if she tries to compromise with them.

And I will also add that we were both moved by the patient gentleman on crutches. Bird was nearly in tears.

Let's get those posts rolling again, my friend.

PS Come see me, I will give you tribute

Button Gwinnett said...

Hey Steve, it's good to see you too. A recurring problem with bronchitis has left me with little extra time or energy for blogging this summer. I'm probably a little better when I save up and focus my energy anyway. I'll be around to say hello.

Miss Welby said...

ciao, nice blog! visit mine and let's exchange links if you wish :)