Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Progressive Blogosphere Feeling Kind of Punchy

Making my rounds, it seems like everyone has something to complain about. Not that I'm blaming them mind you. Just an observation..........

The Rude Pundit puts the "Rude" in "R-rating" on a regular basis. His latest entry is on global warming and the UN report recently released. Pretty much, we're all waiting to be rescued before we're "a crisp." Check him out. A little snarky humor about an earth-altering topic never hurt anyone.

Jon from Peach Pulpit will be happy to know that Georgia's two GOP senators made Evil GOP Bastards' Hall of Shame for their votes against raising the minimum wage. Almost immediately after Mark Taylor went down like a bloated whale against Sonny Perdue, Jon took the donkey by the ears and pointed us towards our next big opportunity in 2008 - picking off Sen. Chambliss. He created the Saxby Files so that we could keep up with one of Georgia's biggest embarassments. I'll have to look around in the Evil GOP Hall of Shame archives to see if there's anything about ole Saxby's record that should be added to Jon's site.

The punchiness isn't only towards the Republicans...............

OpEdNews.com has an article by Joshua Frank of brickburner.org where he expresses some doubts about Hillary, Edwards, and Obama. He says that they haven't done anything to really "distinguish" their positions on Iran from Bush's. I assure you, how candidates plan to deal with Iran will play a major role in who I decide to vote for in March 2008's Georgia Presidential Preference Primary. Tough talk for the sake of tough talk won't win me over. It'll make me run the other way.

Christopher of From the Left opines that the GLBT community may not exactly be enamored with Hillary. She might want to be careful. Because a group that at one time seemed to love her could become a major road block to winning the Democratic nomination, if she's not careful. She might want to have a talk with Cathy Cox (perhaps Georgia's Hillary) about the effects of a defection of gay voters and their political dollars.


Christopher said...

As a gay New Yorker, let me tell you, Queen Hillary loves our creativity and she loves our money but, she would hang us out to dry without a thought if the vox poluli of this great state suddenly turned rightwing Red.

She's the pan-ultimate triangulator and totally lacks any sort of moral core.

I can also tell you from personal experience that Team Hillary is literally terrified that Al Gore will decide to throw his hat in the race.

Hillary views Gore alone as the lone Democrat capable of deriding her ambitious plans to be president.

Button Gwinnett said...

C - I guess this is why I enjoy reading your blog. You have an up close and personal view (as a constituent and LGBT activist) of someone that remains mostly a mystery to most in this part of the world. I WANT to like Hillary, I really do. What a great statement for women if she were elected president.

Howver, like you, I think Gore is a better fit for me and the issues I hold most important. I just hope we have that option at some point.