Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Al Gore shares this year's Nobel Peace Prize along with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate for their efforts to call the world's attention to global warming and the measures needed to fight it. The Nobel committee recognized Gore's early attention to the matter.

The committee's decision to also honor the panel was a smart one. Those men and women have made great contributions in taking out the politics of the issue out, and establishing validity to the idea that global warming is indeed happening, and that humans are contributing to it.

Of course, this will spur on more speculation that Gore might be talked into jumping into the 2008 presidential race. Personally, I'm just happy to see the guy finally getting the credit that he deserves on an issue that is affecting every living thing on this earth.

On MSNBC this morning, former President Jimmy Carter was asked to comment on Gore's Nobel Peace Prize. He said that he was extremely happy for Gore, and that he hopes that Gore will participate in another "political event."

Could he have been expressing his wish to see Al enter the race? I take it to mean that. Although he could've also been talking about a future run for president beyond 2008 as well. The Gores and Carters have always been extremely close, including several joint collaborations between Rosalynn Carter and Tipper Gore on mental health issues.

Contrastly, the relationship between the Clintons and Carters has never been friendly. Not only have they had policy disagreements, but personal ones as well. Even to the point of Carter refusing to attend the 1996 Democratic National Convention, and subsequent inauguration. As well as Hillary's snub of Rosalynn Carter at a late 90's event in Atlanta for Georgia Democratic women, in which Douglas Brinkely ("The Unfinished Presidency") quoted Mrs. Carter as saying was, "hurtful."

Although, it is important to remember that Pres. Carter did invite John Edwards to Americus, GA to speak earlier this year. So, I feel sure that he will actively support whoever the Democratic nominee ultimately is.


Beyond the Clintons said...

I’m glad Al Gore won…and so with this award, begins the hate mongering from the right and corporate driven media outlets. It’s disgusting that we can’t even unite behind an American who has unselfishly advocated for a cause that benefits the entire human race. I’m not sure he will run for President. Although I would love it, I have to admit this Clinton machine is getting stronger with each passing day–it’s really demoralizing. However, I’m glad we still have great Americans like Al Gore who think not only of themselves.

Larry said...

The only reason Hillary is where she is at is because of her husband, and the media pushing her into the nomination.

Carter is loyal, but no doubt is like most of America and abhors Hillary.

Anonymous said...

It was a good choice. I am happy and proud of him as an American.

Beyond The Clintons,

I say screw the wingers. This day is about Al Gore, not them.

Good post, BG

proudprogressive said...

Just popping in to say hello, i am so sorry i missed your comment on my blog a few weeks new commnent indicater took a powder. go figure..
Our mother earth must be feeling good about her son Al. He has persevered..and good on him for that.

oh i was reading below..BG, i hope your dog fully recovers..poor leetle thing..

Lydia Cornell said...

Button - thanks for the comment on my blog. Sorry I missed it earlier.

I love your blog and your articles.

I used to write about God and left-wing Christian values all the time, and will start doing so again. Many of these posts are in the archives.

Keep the faith, we need it.

American Interests said...

Gores climate change presentations have divided the scientific community, there may be some exaggerations, but at least he has managed to draw attention to what is increasingly, an important issue.

In terms of ideological and political continuums, I am on the Republican end, curiously however I find Gore palatable. His recent publication, ‘An Assault on Reason’, made some good points.